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About Greenworld

Greenworld Pty Ltd is a diversified investment company based in Western Australia since 2017. The funder of the Greenworld, Adam Wang, is an experienced and well-known real estate elite in China, he and his team had completed billions of landmark projects and infrastructure constructions.

With the previous real estate experience in China, Greenworld adopts WA’s real estate market quickly. Completed a premium apartment project less than 2 years after stepped into the local market, tied relationships with local companies, in the meanwhile, Greenworld keep seeking the potential opportunities for big project when local market shows weakness.

Greenworld’s priority mission is to build multiple exporting and trading channel between Australia and Asian countries. Includes bring Australia’s best quality agricultural products to Asia, introduce Australia’s advanced production and processing equipment, technology and technical talents, increasing the agricultural trading amount with Australia.

Greenworld Investment is purposing on stimulate local employment and economy, also promote international exchanges and tourisms. One of the main approach is to hold various exhibitions in different China & Australian districts, satisfy the needs of all the customers and supplying fresh foods to Asian Countries. Besides that, Greenworld will driving talent exchange between different countries and driving economic employments through different projects.

Based on Adam’s strong networks and experience, keen insight and knowledge of different industries, and abundant capital. Greenworld had invested in other fields during the exploration of Western Australia market, includes agricultural, tourism, business consulting, and others.

International Trade

The goal of Greenworld is to open the docking channel for the international fresh food procurement market for the six central provinces, also improve the overall consumption level of the nationality. In order to speed up the implementation of the China-Australia economic and cultural interactive platform, Greenworld Pty Ltd intends to invest the China-Australia city.

China-Australia City will be in the heart of Zhengzhou District of Henan Free Trade Zone, which is well- connected with railways, highways and airlines. The China-Australia City has a superior location that covers 1.2 billion people in the 90 mins aviation circle, and capable to deliver all kinds of goods to all parts of China in 24 hours.

As an internationally oriented food centre that contains import and export, production and shipment processes, to create a brand-new one-stop shopping experience to customers. The China-Australia city will bring Australia’s best quality agricultural products to China and introduce Australia’s advanced production and processing equipment, technology and technical talents, also increase the agricultural trading amount with Australia.

The China-Australia City will establish several high-standard supporting facilities that provides one-stop services such as international transit warehousing, logistics and distribution, international

translation, and a number of international financial institutions to settle in, providing a full range of financial services for investment companies.

The Henan Provincial Government has announced their attitude about supporting all the possible future stage cooperation with Australian local companies. Besides that, the Henan Provincial Government had specialized in setting up China Customs, China Inspection and Quarantine, and National Certification Testing Centres to speed up the clearance and inspection services.


The total land area of the project is 1200 acres. According to the construction nature of the project and the planning requirements, the overall planning of the entire logistics park is as follows:

Wildlife Park
Simulating the wild living environment of animals, setting up service facilities, such like souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, visitor interaction centres, children's amusement parks, and others. Total covering a 200 acres floor space.
Cultural Interaction and Trade Centre
Office building and conference room will be in this section, along with shops, restaurants, gym and other service facilities. Provides a platform to cultural and educational institutions, tourism light service agencies, scientific research institutions, multiple industrial trading companies, and to create an atmosphere to interaction. With 200000 acres construction site.
Integrated Service Centre
The 100000 sqm integrated service centre will includes a government service centre, a financial centre, an e-commerce cooperation centre, foreign business apartment, medical centre, and office building.
Business Centre
Includes a supermarket, an Australian style leisure fresh food market, a chocolate sightseeing factory, a dairy sightseeing factory, a ice cream sightseeing factory, a flower factory, and 2000 car bays. With 250 acres floor space.
Storage Centre
Includes a meat production and processing area imported meat products, it can process high quality meat products, cooked food, canned food, dried meat and others, with 40000 sqm construction area; a normal temperature preservation display room to introduce Australia's long-lasting fresh-keeping technology equipment to ensure constant temperature and store imported dry goods. With construction area of 180,000 square meters; a refrigerated warehouse with 1000000 construction area; a transit warehouse; a logistics vehicle Centre; and offices. With 600000 acres construction site.

Products Categories

Flavoured Milk
Western Australian Beef & Lamb
Western Australian Seafood

Property Investment & Management

Greenworld provides multiple services of property investment and management. With vastly experienced teams and passions about investigating and analysis valuable opportunities under current real estate industry. Greenworld have approached some projects in the past few years.

Parkview at Jolimont


This premium apartment project invested by Greenworld consists of 9 units. The total value of the project is around 6 million and forecast to be finished in 2019. Right next to Perth’s finest suburb Subiaco, close to the Subiaco central area, future Perth Inner College, bars, and restaurants, owns massive potential values.

Chemlab at East Perth


100 Plain Street, the old Chemist Lab in East Perth is one of the Greenworld’s proposed projects. Greenworld had completed the prospective designs and submitted EOI to MRA in December 2017. The site is located at the core area of East Perth, also a part of MRA’s Perth Central Redevelopment plan. The redeveloping plan of this site consists of a supermarket, retail, restaurant, hotel, heritage building refreshment and residential. Greenworld offered 12.5 million to purchase the site in 2017 and wait for government approval since then.

Other Services

Agricultural Exports


Greenworld invested winery and dairy farm for a comprehensive agricultural supply system. In the current stage, the wine and dairy products are for a small amount of exports. Greenworld is planning to let own products take a heavyweight market-shares to satisfy the China-Australian City needs.

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Greenworld offers amazing yacht tour to tourists who wants to experience Western Australians ocean views and fishing. The company will provide different types of yacht based on the requirements also invite licensed boat captain to make sure everyone have a safe, fun tour. Instead of driving all the way to the Lobster Factory, tourists can enjoy delicious seafood meal on the yacht when sailing. Greenworld is targeting to receive 500 clients in the first two years and grown to receive 2000-3000 clients yearly by 2022. As a result, the yacht tour department will able to hire 2-3 full-time local workers after safety reach that stage.

Business Consulting


To support clients managing their personal assets, Greenworld offers professional financial services.

Includes business consultation to entrepreneurs; lending & funding; financial advices to current

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